Note that this feature is available only if the tournament chairperson or tournament committee has deemed this a tournament during which players will be allowed to post scores during play. This feature enables use of the Live Leaderboard as well as speed up the process of determining results at the completion of play.

Follow these steps to post scores:

  1. Log in to your Tournament Player Portal account.
  2. Click/tap on the Tournament button.

  3. Click/tap on the tournament for which you want to check the pairings.

  4. Click/tap on the Post scores button.

  5. Select to post just for yourself, some of your team/group members or all of your team/group members. Then click the Play golf button.

  6. This is the score posting screen for a single player. Click/tap the "+" or "-" buttons to input score and the Next button to advance to next hole.

  7. This is the score posting screen for four players. Click tap on the "+" and "-" buttons to input score for each player.

  8. Note that both the single player and multi-player input screens give you access to the scorecard, a sample of which is shown below:

  9. Each score entry screen also provides access to the Live Leaderboard.